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The positioning on search engines is of great importance keeping in view the competition present on the web. With SEO and SEM we aim to grow your website with qualified traffic that is interested in your business.

It is an absolutely dynamic job as the continuous updates of the search engine algorithms need a constant attention and work.

Through SEO we allow your business to be visible to potentially interested users, beating your competition in terms of presence on the web.

The SEO allows you to:

Reach out to your potential customer.
Be visible in your area and in your industry
Reach the top positions on the major search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing strategies aim to bring your brand closer to customers, make them feel part of a family, win them over, cuddle them and retain them.

Listening to their needs and satisfying them, actively involving them in specific initiatives, communicating with them and offering an efficient customer care service is the strategy that will allow you to profit from a professional management of your social profiles . In fact, Social Networks are a valuable indirect sales tool because they allow long-term and profitable relationships with customers and attract new ones.

Through Social Media Marketing we help you to learn, to listen and to dialogue in the correct and direct way with your audience, through quality content and engaging posts. This converts into opportunities for growth and grant more visibility to your brand. You are able to attract new users, retain your customers and increase your online business and consequently your earnings.

Paid Campaigns

Paid campaigns, such as Ads and on Social Networks, can be the turning point for the success of your business.

Promoting a product, a service, a site, an app (or whatever you want to make known) becomes simple, if you rely on the right partner who knows how to convey your advertising message without wasting money and maximizing the return on investment.

Marvi Digital can provide qualified help and successfully achieve your business objective on various platforms.

SMS Marketing

E-mail Marketing is a fast communication strategy capable of cultivating the emotional aspect of the dialogue with your customer, thanks to the possibility of creating a multimedia message, that is integrating different types of content (text, images, video, gif).

Furthermore, it is a communication tool which, over time, favors the brand building. The main advantage of E-mail Marketing is that the message arrives directly to the customer or potential customer who has previously subscribed to the newsletter, thus proving to be interested in what you have to say.

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