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E-commerce trends for the year 2021

There has been a lot of change in the e-commerce sector in the year 2020 and an entirely different platform has evolved for the year 2021. In fact the global pandemic that came in 2020 has forced people to stay at homes due to which the e-commerce sector has developed a lot.

Here are some of the most prominent Ecommerce trends for the year 2021

Mobile commerce

Nowadays most of the shopping is done through mobile, so it becomes necessary for the companies that they have a good website which is suitable for all the devices. The companies that build their website according to mobile get a lot of traffic on their site and their sales also increase. Due to new modes of payments introduced, customers feel free to shop.

Video increasingly sought by consumers

In today’s time, customers prefer to watch video of products rather than photos of products, this trend of customers asking for video of products in 2020-21 is a big trend. On e-commerce websites where there is more video content, more transactions are done by the customer.

Various delivery options

When purchasing from a website, consumers also see which shipping options have been added by the company because the customer also wants to make sure that the product he has purchased reaches them safely.

Shopping via social media

Since 2020, people have been continuously active on social networks. Shopping on social media is continuously increasing with time and there is no doubt that this is a trend that is not going to stop.

Text marketing

The trend of bulk text marketing in the online e-commerce sector is increasing day by day. Information can be passed to a lot of people in one single go. It is also a very good medium of communication which is simple and fast.

Chat bots

Many online websites were using automatic messaging service for a long time but in 2020-21 the use of chat bots has grown significantly. For the business, the ability to talk to the customers online and answer them immediately is unmatched. Having good chat bots will give a better experience to your customers.

Marketing automation

The trend of marketing automation is also huge in 2020-21, it saves your time and the customer is also tied to you. There are many benefits of automated marketing with a good software that includes integrating data, eliminating mistakes and saving money and time.


Telling a detailed story about a product helps the customer to know about the quality of the product and choose the right one for his needs. Thus, the consumer builds a strong relationship with a brand. Not only for the sales but it is also beneficial for customer loyalty.

Local purchase

Many small local businesses have been going through tough times in 2020-21 as they have had to close their business doors for many months. In recent times, many customers are preferring to buy products from local people to promote local business.

Due to the health crisis all over the world, customers do not prefer to leave the house but buy things online to fulfill their daily needs.

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