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Exclusive: The secrets of choosing ready-made keywords (Keywords) to top Google and YouTube results

How to choose ready-made keywords (Keywords) for the article and lead the search results in Google

Learn how to choose ready-made keywords for an article or a blogger’s blog and produce the first results in Google. I will show you the correct way to choose ready-made keywords for your online marketing campaign . To have a good chance and get the first results in Google.

How to choose ready-made keywords

Before you select ready-made keywords and put them in an article or blog, you need to do a keyword research first. It is very important that we come up with many ideas so that we can easily choose them. I have previously talked about doing a keyword research where you can use a variety of media to get keyword ideas.

There are also some rules you should keep in mind when choosing keywords. I will give you 4 golden rules here.

How to choose the right keywords?

How many searches per month for these keywords?

How many competitors do we need to know?

Is this keyword worth targeting?

These four are important when it comes to choosing ready-made keywords. Let’s talk about it in more detail below.

1 How to choose the right keywords?

Sometimes people like to write weird ready-made keywords for search engines, but you as a professional online marketer. You should not target an inappropriate keyword structure. This can confuse the readers. And you may not get as many clicks as the right keywords do.

Now, let’s take a look at several Jaaxy keywords . I put the keyword ” how to lose weight drinking water ” and then expand it to other relevant keywords for me. We will focus on the specific keyword. The goal here is to prove that irrelevant keywords can give you wrong data in terms of monthly search volume and competition.

Tags ready for youtube

As you can see above, the keyword “ How to Lose Weight Drinking Water ” has an average monthly search of 2,942 and there are currently 59 competitors (QSR). If you think this is an appropriate keyword, you are wrong!

Did you notice the difference here? Yes! The appropriate word is “ How to Lose Weight by Drinking Water .” We missed the word ” by “. And now you can monitor AVG and QSR. He has changed! The volume of monthly searches decreased, the number of real competitors doubled!

How crazy is this? Imagine, if the competition is much higher than 300. But you don’t know that because you think the first keyword is appropriate. You will find it difficult to rank in Google search results! So, make sure you have the right keywords . I know sometimes it’s not easy to do, but just be aware of it. As long as it makes sense to you that you want to appear in the first results in Google search.

2 How many searches are there per month for this keyword?

In this second step to correctly select a keyword for an article, you need to know how many people are searching for it. Normally, we want something over 50 searches per month. I repeat, you should not be fooled by the huge number of searches. Usually, these search terms are incredibly difficult to rank for. It could take years or not forever. I’ll talk more about this in step three.

So the rule here exceeds 50 searches per month. But at some point, when a hot topic comes up and the tool reports 10 monthly searches, you can still search for it. When a new and exciting product comes out, not many people are looking for it. You know, in fact, the best course of action is to keep our eyes on a new product and write content about it. Once it goes viral, guess who will be in first place? Of course it will be your article!

3 Knowing the competitors

If you choose ready-made keywords without knowing their real competition, then most likely you will not rank well in Google search. You must be smart! Don’t follow the crowd and target ready-made highly competitive keywords. We will never get a good rank in Google search!

Some measurements of how much competitors are too much. Ideally, you want to target a QSR below 300. If you have a new website, I would suggest less than 150. Once your website becomes older and more reliable, you can move to 150 – 300. Moreover, it is very difficult to rank them.

Define low-competition keywords

How to choose ready-made keywords

All of these keywords are great. Another way to find out is to look at the KQI (Keyword Quality Index). Green means great, yellow means good, and red means difficult. Typically, long-tail keywords have more green light, but short-tail keywords are more competitive.

4 Is this keyword worth targeting?

It’s easy to pick ready-made keywords if you follow the above three steps closely, this keyword is definitely worth targeting! You will have a better chance of getting a good ranking in the search engines. And it won’t take you long to top the search results in Google, overnight your articles or your site generally being on the first page of Google.

It became clear to us tangibly that it is easy to choose ready-made keywords (Keywords) for an article or a Blogger blog and the first results are issued in Google search.

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